Building Construction

What is the HSSM ?

Humus-B Soil Stabilized Method (HSSM) is cost effective construction method for Pavement Sub(base) using highly compacted mixture of soil/aggregate with cement, and extra small amount of Humus-B (Chemical admixture, i.e. Soil Stabilizer)

Normal Mixing Ratio

  • Soil (91.8%)
  • Humus-B (0.2%)
  • Cement (8%)

Subbase and Base Thickness (15cm ~ 20cm) reduction with high strength and durability ⇒ Green Solution for Low Cost, Fast Construction, and Better Quality


Features of HSSM

A. Low Cost

  • Reduced Excavation/Reclamation
  • Granular Material of Subbase/Base
  • Cut in Construction Time (Min. 50%)
  • A bitunminous surface thickness

B. Quality Improvement

  • Reduced Differential Settlement with Stiffness
  • Crack from Differential Settlement
  • Sink Hole, Potholes, Puddles, etc

Construction Site Photo (at LH Dongtan 5-1 in Korea)


Before (2018 May. 19 : 8 AM)


After (2018 May. 20:3 PM)

IT Solutions

B&F IT team has been providing efficient and responsive IT solutions to businesses for over 15 years. Services include:-

  • VSAT Installation & Bandwidth distribution
  • Wireless Broadband solution
  • Software Solution
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  • Optic Fiber/Submarine Cable
  • Digital Broadcasting Solution
  • Integrated Security Solution
  • Data Centre solution
  • Total Office Network Design and Cabling
  • Supply,Install and Maintenance of Desktop / Laptop computer Printers, Air conditioner, Server & Security System, Internal Power System installation and Maintenance


Total Computer Setup Solution


VSAT Installation