B&F Available Profile


Please Check on the Following before Buying a BNF Fashion Window
1. Is the window resistant to air condition and pollution?
2. Is the color of window well-painted?
3. Is the design of window the structure of multi-chambered?
4. Does the window have integral interlock and integral lift rail?
5. Is water following out from inside of the window?
6. Is the material of window worm when touched and is it a great heat insulator?
7. Is the window strong resistance to corrosion and intrusion of a white ant?
8. Does the window easily put together when it is open?
9. Is it easy to maintain?
10. Swell or get bent or rotten?




1) Price Factor
Currently, Bangladesh market has introduced uPVC SASH base on import of Profile , not Production. So, the price of uPVC SASH are higher than Aluminum SASH due to high import tax (145%). Because of Beautiful design and convenient function of uPVC, market demands has been increased rapidly . Therefore, Bangladesh need u PVC SASH Manufacturing Plant (Profile Production + Assembly Line) to meet the competitive market price. The Price of International Aluminum increasing continuously, therefore, Aluminum SASH price also increase unless alternative option in Bangladesh. And the preference of SASH Customer will be change after uPVC SASH introduces as reasonable price since the finishing of products are noble image and adopt most advanced technology. Also uPVC can be recycling after using, therefore it is fully Environmental Friendly and Cost Effective Products.

2) Market Demand
Window & Door is the very essential and important portion of Housing / Building. Especially, Apartment need to change uPVC SASH instead of Aluminum SASH due to its merits for Sound & Water Proof, Smooth open & Closing, Beautiful Appearance and convenience, Excellent design and other many merits. It will change fully Bangladesh Construction Environment and will be very good business if full project established and price meet the market competition.