BNF Company Limited has been producing Color Concrete Bricks since December,2015. It is located at near of Dholeshwary-1 river, Keranigonj. It is a automated Color Concrete Brick factory only.
 Material Use: 
To make C.C Brick(Color Concrete) need Sand, Cement, Chemical and Color

 Sourcing Material :
We collect good quality earth sourced from all over the country which containing dissolvent salt or other harmful impurities is treated appropriately.
 Environment Friendly :
Environment friendly processes are being maintained because of no need to burn to make our C.C Brick, like other traditional brick fields, so it does not produce any CO2 gas.
 Our Technology :
Bricks are made by Automatic Machines by South Korea Technology. We ensure air space free proper Moulding by our fully automatic machine.
  Working Team :
A professional and experienced team is being engaged for production and delivery of the products under the leadership of a professional and experienced Factory Manager.